Sunday, 9 November 2014

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I liked the trailer for this movie the minute I saw it. The only thing that slightly put me off was Daniel Radcliffe in the lead. As with the Woman in Black - the only other movie I've seen him in post Potter - I couldn't help but think What's Harry up to now?

However, Horns is so far away from his Harry persona that watching this movie and his performance in it was a pleasure. Ok...there was one moment when I thought "oh Harry's become Voldermort" but that's just my brain being a brat.

Horns is the story of Ignaious Parish (IG for short) who is accused of the murder of his long term girlfriend (a red brain no Ginnie references) and his quest to prove it wasn't him and find the real killer. The supernatural element appears when IG begins to grow a pair of horns and people start confessing things to him - deep dark desires and sins. At first he tries everything to rid himself of the strange growths but later decides that they can help him discover the truth.

Horns is a dark tail, it contains violence, profanity, nudity and every bit of it made this one of the best movies I've seen in ages. Its based on the Horror novel of the same name by Joe Hill - which I recently purchased with the intent to read it within the next few weeks. Daniel Radcliffe's performance was great, proving that he really can act and we can look forward to seeing him in more things - I hope in time my thoughts of him as Harry Potter will change.

Horns gets:

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