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Meet A Writer Monday Presents...

... K. A. Cross

1. Tell me about your book Life on the rocks and where you got your inspiration for it?

Life on the rocks is a werewolf romance which follows the life of 17 year old Ray. Her life has been planned out by the dominant males of her pack, including the man she is to be mated to. When tragedy and betrayal strikes she spirals into depression and becomes a shell of the confident girl she once was. She must learn to love and trust again or risk living her life alone.

I started writing this book after the birth of my daughter just as a bit fun. I had taken a break from writing and I was looking for a way to get back into it. Soon I started to suffer from post natal depression and this book became my coping mechanism. Along with the help of my family, this book helped me through the darkest time of my life.

2. While you were writing, did you ever feel as if you were one of the characters?

I quite often saw myself as Ray while I was writing Life on the rocks. I felt her pain and shared her dreams. Although our experiences aren’t quite the same there are some similarities. I even imagined one of the other characters as my younger sister. I quite often base my characters loosely on people I know, even sometimes mixing the traits of several people.

3. Sunrises or Sunsets?

Being a mother of two children under 6 I’d have to say sunsets because that means it’s bedtime. I love my kids but a little bit of peace in the evening goes a long way.

4. Do you prefer blue or black inked pens?

Generally I grab whatever works but if I had to choose, I go with neither. Brightly coloured gel pens are my pen of choice. I generally write on my iPad or laptop, so for notes the brighter the better.

5. Would you break a law to save a loved one?

Yes, I wouldn’t have to think twice. My family are my world, they mean everything to me.

6. Who is your favourite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

One of my favourite authors is Melvin Burgess, I loved his books while I was growing up. I loved his edginess, especially with his book Doing it. I always thought he was kind of fearless.

7. Do you watch horror movies on or from behind the couch?

I used to watch loads of horror films as a teen. I’d be brave and try to act like they didn’t faze me at all. Now I’m terrified of most of them. So from behind the sofa and through my fingers.

8. What advice would you give to someone just starting out?

Whatever you do, do not give up and don’t take criticism to heart. No matter what you do you can’t please everyone. You just need to remember that any dream is possible as long as you believe.

9. How did you chose your genre?

Well I have always loved paranormal romances. As a teenager I was always reading vampires novels or watching Buffy the vampire slayer but when it came to writing, I always just wrote romances. It wasn’t until I was introduced to Wattpad that I began to experiment with the idea of werewolves. I read a couple of werewolf stories and decided to give it a go. I would love to try my hand at some other form paranormal fiction but for the moment writing about werewolves just feels natural to me. I like the freedom you get with it.

10. Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or is it all imagination?

There are some elements that are loosely based on real life experiences but most of it is just my crazy imagination. Some of the things said by the characters are things I might say or do. Mainly the quirky silly moments. I think with this book it’s mainly the emotional side of things that are close how I was feeling at the time.

11. What’s next for you?

I am currently editing the sequel to Life on the rocks, Life straight up. It’s a long process which is only made harder by my lack of time. Thankfully I have two family members who are giving me some much needed help. I have also started a novella series which hopefully, I will have the first book finished soon.

12. Why did you feel you had to tell this story?

For me getting this book published was my way of ending that dark chapter of my life. It was my way of proving to myself that I was ok, that everything that brought me down in the past was behind me. It was a new start for a new me.

13. What sort of environment do you write in? (e.g. quiet room, a cupboard with headphones on, in a death match with the cat for control of the keyboard)

I find I write best in the evening when my partner is on nights and the kids have gone to bed. I usually have the telly on as background noise, for some reason it tends to be grand designs, with a cup of tea and a naughty snack. I have to have some kind of noise around me, I can’t stand absolute silence.

14. Name something you do when you’re alone but wouldn’t do in front of others?

I sing at the top of my lungs while I'm hoovering, usually it’s the Jessica Rabbit song from Who framed Roger Rabbit. Although I sometimes do that while the kids are around, I just hope the Hoover drowns me out. I also sometimes just randomly start dancing when I’m doing normal house hold chores. Things like I’ll suddenly start twerking while making a cup of tea. I’m a little random like that.

15. If you had to give up one sense which one would you give up and why?

It would probably have to be my sense of smell. I don’t think I could cope not seeing my two beautiful children or never get hear their voices again. Of course when they’re screaming that another matter. I’m also a very touchy feeling type of person, so touch is a definite keeper. As for taste I could probably live without it but smell is the definite choice. I have changed way too many nappies.

Life isn't easy when you're a teenage girl living in a house full of guys. Throw in a controlling father, an overprotective brother and a jackass of a would be boyfriend and hey presto you get my life. Oh yeah I'm forgetting one incy wincy little thing, I'm a wolf.

Ray is a she wolf in a male dominant world. The daughter of the packs Beta and destined to be mated to the future Alpha, her life has been planned out from the day she was born. All she wants is to take control of her own destiny but when tragedy and betrayal strikes, she spirals into darkness. Will she ever be able to love and trust again and capture the strength hidden deep inside her.


About K. A. Cross

K. A. Cross is a mother of two who lives in the historic university town of Oxford. Writing has always been her passion and it has recently become so much more. Having suffered from post natal depression, her writing became her own form of therapy. For Kaylea writing isn’t just a hobby, it’s a way of life. As well as writing she juggles her time between housework, working part-time and caring for her children. Things maybe a little hectic at times but she wouldn’t change it for the world.

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