Thursday, 1 January 2015

Top Ten Bad Boys that made Good

My favourite characters in any drama are the bad boys that turn out to not be so bad after all. Once you get through their evil tendencies there is a good person struggling to get out. Also they're usually sexy as hell. As a new years treat I thought I would lay out a list of my top ten lovelies that fit into this category.



Tied for 10th are Eric Northman (Alexander Skasgard) and Jamie Lannister (Nikolaji Coster-Waldau). Eric started out as an extreme dick who was only out for himself but over the course of seven seasons proved that he really did deeply care for Sookie and wanted to do right by her on numerous occassions. Jamie Lannister too was arrogant but his capture and the resulting journey with Brienne of Tarth and his relationship with his younger brother redeemed him somewhat in my eyes.


Tony Rice (Morris Chestnut) from Legends started off as an antagonist towards Sean Bean's Martin Odem but later became part of his team when it was proved that Martin had nothing to do with the murder Rice was hounding him about.


Wolf (Scott Cohen) from the fantasy drama 10th Kingdom started off as a spy for the evil queen but was transformed by his love for the heroine to defy her and do what he could to help. Cheeky and definately a bit naughty, he was a charming fairytale character come to life.


Enzo (Michael Malarkey) from the Vampire Diaries started out on a mission to kill Damen, his one time friend. Once the two of them had made up their difference though, he became an ally though his methods are still more than a little wicked. His attachment to Caroline makes him sweeter all around.


Sheriff Graham (Jamie Dornan) from Season 1 of Once Upon a Time who was Regina's loyal henchmen sabotaging Emma where ever he could. However his feelings for Emma and the resulting revelation that the queen held his heart quite literally and could control him, made him far more likeable.


Jason Neville (J D Pardo) was a spy sent by the Monroe republic in Revolution and he got a little too close to Charlie, throwing off his duty and the will of his oppressive father to do what he thought was right and hopefully win Charlie's heart in the process.


Damen Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) was a monster at the beginning of the Vampire Diaries, out to destroy his brother and everything he held dear. But once again it was love that redeemed him. Falling for Elena made him a better man but he still retains his somewhat dark allure.


Gabriel Lowan (Sendhil Ramamurthy) started off suspicious and up to no good, becoming a full on villain when his beast nature was revealed. However come season two, his feeling for Cat seemed to change him for the better but sadly, he returned to his wicked ways when he became obsessed with destroying Vincent so that he could have Cat for himself.


William the bloody aka Spike (James Marsters) started out as the Villain in Buffy season two and he was good at it. A few seasons later and with a chip in his head, his feeling for Buffy and return of his soul make him one of the good guys. His sacrifice at the end cements him as a true Hero.


Killian Jones aka Captain Hook (Coline O'Donghue) from Once Upon a Time takes the top spot on this list. The charming pirate began as Cora's sidekick determined to get his revenge on Rumpelstiltskin no matter who got hurt in the process. However, after meeting Emma Swan that all changed, Season three saw deeper into the man's past and shows that although he was labelled a pirate he always tried to be a noble man.