Saturday, 28 February 2015

Sex in Fiction

We've all heard the old adage that sex sells. Its entirely true. The human being is obsessed with sex and sexual practice and orientation more than any other creature on the planet. Most writers now include some hint of sex in their novels for adults. There are whole novels where sex is the main theme - romance, erotic romance and erotica - sex at its undiluted form.

What I am asking today is what do readers prefer? To my mind there are three basic type of sex in books - Behind Closed Door, Soft Sex and Hard Sex.

Behind Closed Doors is the safest form of sex in literature. This is the kind where nothing is really said, there are a few hints in the text that implies that a couple have spent the night together but its not discussed in any detail. Not in the prose and not by the characters. You tend to see these scene trace along the lines of "And they headed for the bedroom." Then suddenly it cuts to the next morning, one or more character might be wearing a bathrobe and making coffee or breakfast. I personally find this sort of thing in books a little boring and certainly unsatisfying but its the most some people can handle.

Soft sex is what you find in most main stream romances. The love making is written in soft flowery language and the two involved are often deeply in love. Whether it is an instantaneous love at first sight or a draw out courtship doesn't matter, the first sex scene is always something special. Romance, oozing passion and tenderness. Don't get me wrong it can be hot but its usually sweet too.

Hard Sex doesn't always have to have the romantic element to it, not a first. This is more lust at first sight, you get it more in erotic romance and just plain erotica where the point of the narrative is just for the characters to get down and dirty. You often find a wider range of positions and language used. Some very coarse and dirty. It is also often where you find the author strays or takes full on trips into the worlds of BDSM and Menage. The love making is meant to be hot and sticky with everyone getting satisfaction multiple times.

So back to my question, for the modern woman whether she reads in secret or in full view which is more popular? Please comment below with what you prefer. Behind Doors for don't ask, don't tell. Soft for the romantic, always a gentleman or Hard for the rough and ready kink.

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