Saturday, 7 February 2015

Top 5

Top Five Romantic Gestures you see in movies that rarely happen in real life

#5 - The Notebook - Noah (Ryan Gosling) builds Allie (Rachel McAdams) the house of her dreams years after they parted ways in the hopes that it would somehow bring her back to him.

Where did the money come from for such an elaborate project? I mean I would be impressed if a guy built me a house but not enough to go running back to him if I knew our relationship had such elaborate difficulties that it caused me to run off for years. Your average guy can't afford to buy you a house in this climate let alone build you the house of your dreams.

# 4 -  Say Anything - When Llyod stood outside Diane's window playing the song they were listening to on their first night together

Holding up a boombox playing a song outside the window. Tres Romantic. Never going to happen though, not without some serious reprisal from the other people in the house this would wake. I imagine her daddy throughly ticked rushing out to whoop this boys ass and refuse to let him ever date his daughter again.

#3 -  Beauty and the Beast - Where Beast gives Belle a whole library (Yes I am aware this is animated and its for the bibliophiles)

Of course these days finding an enchanted castle with a hideously transformed prince brooding inside are far and few between. I'm not saying a whole library isn't a great gift, it is. Hell if a man gave me a library I would probably end up marrying him to. I'm just saying realistically that its unlikely. Also its not like that library wasn't already there.

#2 - Ten Things I Hate about you - Where Patrick serenades Kat in from of the whole Soccer Team.

Sounds so romantic right. How often have you met a guy willing to embarrass himself on a grand scale like this? Especially in the cruel world of high school where nothing stays secret for long and if you can be taunted for it then you will be. Also, why was the door to a room full of expensive audio equipment not locked while not in use? How did a guy with no previous hint of technological know how happen to know how to operate it?

#1 - How to lose a Guy in Ten Days - When Benjamin sends Andy the white roses at her work

I happen to like white roses too but how realistic is it to expect a guy to do this. The amount of preparation he'd have to do - knowing what hours you worked, the address and that you'd even be there (not out of the office or off sick). I'd be more worried about how a guy I had only briefly met had all these details. Can we say stalker anyone?

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