Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Dusty Pages Review: Haunted Paranormal Mysteries

Never having hearing of this writer before (as I suppose many have not heard of me) I gave this book a chance because the title caught my attention and it was a free purchase at the time. I am happy to say that it was worth the chance and I bought the next three in the series.

These are short sweet reads. It took me about a half hour to an hour a book but I'm an incredibly fast reader. I like the premise of Catherine, a real estate agent who discovers she can see ghosts when she tries to sell a house in which the ghost of a murder victim resides. I liked that her want to sell the house minus one ghost drove her into investigating the case on her own and drew in the possible love interest in Jake, the detective in charge of the case.

What I didn't like was the further the series went on, the relationship that showed such promise in the first book seemed to be mediocre in every single one following. She had far more a reaction (although of an opposite) to a man who could be potentially the series villain then she did to Jake, the man she was supposed to be dating.

I would like to see more in the series, I think it had the potential to run for a while yet. I certainly don't think we've seen the last of the odious Guy (first appearing in Ghost Lovers) as he will certainly want revenge after the events of Ghost Paparazzi.

I'm giving this series

You can buy each book individually as I did or the first four (here's me hoping that there will be more) are available in a box set.

Start with just the first Book - Haunted House for Sale

Get the collection of all four - Haunted Paranormal Mysteries

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