Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Dusty Pages Review: Match Me

This book actually contains two stories, the second of which I haven't read but I intend to. When I downloaded it for my Kindle (I don't know how long ago) it was just the single story of Match me with a different cover and a different name on the front. Ms Gates originally publishing under her own name of Liz Appel, almost lost me when googling for more because of this. However that's not really important.

Match Me is the story of Bonnie - who believes the love of her life is about to marry the wrong person and takes it upon herself to stop the wedding. However when this fails, she tries to sneak out and fails at this also, so the whole town knows. Fearing reprisals, Bonnie turns to her friend Jill who sets her up an online dating profile in the hopes of finding her someone. However after several disastrous dates and the bride and her best friend out to ruin Bonnie's life, she finds herself turning to the Grooms best friend called Paul who she just keeps running into when he keeps popping up to save her.

This was a very sweet contemporary romance that I really enjoyed. So much so that I intend to purchase the combined edition with Love Me which features the story of Bonnie's Best Friend Jill because I am just not done living in that world just yet. I enjoyed Ms Gates writing very much and have book marked another of her collection to add to my TBR pile.

I give Match Me

You can buy Match Me, Love Me here

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