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Dusty Pages Review : The Werewolf Liason

 I originally picked up this book under the title Bad to the Bone but since then, the author has redone both the titles and the covers (one of my pet peeves) but its my own fault I had trouble locating it again, after all I downloaded it sometime ago and its only just made it to the top of my TBR pile.

Olivia is a paramedic who is called one night to the shooting of a young woman who has taken three bullets to the chest and is still alive. On the ride to the hospital however the ambulance is run off the road and Olivia is taken prisoner.

Garrick is a werewolf in charge of keeping the secret of the existence of werewolves from the human population for the bickering packs around him. He takes Olivia in order to be sure that the secret is secure but also because there is something about her that draws him in. Its pretty bog standard as far as paranormal romances go.

I liked the characters and the sex scene was pretty smouldering. I liked the characters very much and after reading the first book, I did want to read more which was good because there was more to read once I was able to find them.

However because I had an older version of book one there were some problems for me when I came to read book two. Please be advised that the following contains spoilers.

In the second book you find out that Olivia is now a werewolf. I had a bit of a WTF moment here trying to remember from the original where that had happened and even after re-reading it I couldn't. The only thing I can think is that in this mythos even a scratch from a werewolf can turn you but I distinctly remembered that he ordered Olivia to leave because she was human and it would be too dangerous for her to live in his world. If she was going to become a werewolf - which in the second book he seems to know she would - then what the hell. Talk about a serious dick move. I can't tell if something changed in the new version of the first book as I tried to click on it only for Amazon to remind me I'd already purchased said book. I did however like the twist in the ending. Very sweet.

The second problem I had with this series was the third installment - not that I didn't enjoy reading it but the third book in the Werewolf Liaison and its duly titled part three (as you can see above) is not about Garrick and Olivia. The third installment is about one of Garrick's lieutenants Tommy and Garrick makes only a cameo appearance. If you're going to do something like that call it something like The Werewolf Liaison - Tommy's Story but not Part Three. Its a little confusing and misleading.

I'm giving this series

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