Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Dusty Pages Review: Aquarian Awakenings

This Sci-Fi Romance I found while googling just that. It started out a little confusing for me. The prologue starts somewhere else and then jumps at the first chapter. It took me a few minutes to work out quite what was going on.

Nicole is a peace negotiator, with her band of four very handsome males, she is determined to sort out the problems between two nations before an all out war can occur but there are people out to sabotage her efforts at every turn. However there is a handsome young Collectives officer who drawn to her is willing to put his life on the line to protect her.

Although the story is good and I enjoyed the political machinations that went on during each chapter, I wanted more to the romance. Longing looks and both characters talking about how right they felt in each others company, yet nothing really happened. The only time it looked like it might, it was all part of a plan and fizzled out quickly afterwards.

A word of warning, this is the only the first part in a four part series. There doesn't appear to be a collected edition at the moment so you'd have to buy each part separately if like me, you want to see where this story goes. I do, if only because the ending of the first part did not give me any kind of closure. This series, is one you will most likely have to read as a whole and in order.

I give Aquarian Awakenings

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