Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Dusty Pages Review: Fifty Shades Darker & Freed

I'm going to do both these books at once because taking up two weeks worth of review spots. I have to say I did like the next two installments in this trilogy a little bit more than the first. I liked that these two had a proper villain in them to drive the plot a little. Of course Christian over reacts to every little things still and Anastasia still thinks he so attractive every five minutes but I've come to realize that's just the way they are going to be.

I like that we learn more about what drives Christian and that Anastasia actually helps to change, to face some of his demons in order to win and keep her love. However I got bored with the sex. Not something I would normally say ;) but there was just so damn much of it and it was all a bit samey. Stagnant. I found myself scanning over those passages to get to a part of the story that drives the plot forward. I certainly wasn't - whats the phrase I saw recently - reaching for a glass of ice water.

However there were still bits of the story I liked. Ana and Christian's emails as I found in the first book were just a hoot. I loved some of the terms the author penned like Shouty Capitals and Kinky Fuckery.

Of course we find the story has a happy ending - kind of to be expected in this sort of romance epic but one thing bothered me. I knew exactly where the story was going, the main plot points at least because it followed almost exactly the same as Twilight. This should not be surprising to me as I know Fifty began as Twi fan fiction. I think E L James could have done so much more with them if she'd just stepped a few steps further away.

I give both books

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