Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Dusty Pages Review: Fifty Shades

I finally gave into my curiosity. However I started with the movie. I wasn't that impressed but there was enough of a spark of interest to make me look at reading the book. The thing I know about movies compared to the books they spawn from are they are like icebergs, the movie is just the tip above the water and the book is the bulk you don't see under the surface.

I found Fifty Shades in a charity shop - which is part of the reason why I purchased it - and I read it in one sitting. Now don't mistake that for not being able to put it down. I could have put it down the thing is I knew that if I did I would probably not come back to it.

I have had so many different opinions fired at me about this series. Those that loved it, thought it was magnificent and those that thought it was rubbish and an unfair representation of those in the BDSM world. Here is my humble opinion broken down into sections.

Ana - I felt as if she almost had a complete personality swap by the end. Clumsy and Shy when we first meet her but she's a lot stronger than that under it all. A typical introvert. I did get sick of her constant references to how handsome Christiann is and how she's not. She had to mention it every chapter at least once.

Christian - What is this guys major malfunction? Talk about a revolving door of moods. He's stalkery and controlling which I suppose is the point but not enough of his history is revealed in the first volume to make me understand him. I'm with Ana on the whole "you want to see me in pain" stuff and honestly he's proven he can do romance, so why can't he pull his shit together.

The Sex - I was not thrilled. There was nothing for my imagination really to do and I've read better.

BDSM - From what I know from friends in the lifestyle, its not as accurate as it could be. I certainly don't think the whole Mrs. Robinson and fifteen year old Christian is in keeping with the communities whole safe, sane and consensual policy.

The Writing - Not wonderful but not as bad as some people would have me believe. I cringed over a few sentence thinking that some of the editors I've known would have kicked my ass for using them.

Twilight comparisons - Yes I can see it. Ana however is slightly less pathetic that Bella, as Ana fights to be who she is, not just to have him as her boyfriend. She ends things where as Bella never did. Christian is also way more screwed up in the head than Edward. Jose compared to Jacob, a lot less screen time and a lot less funny.

I was however amused by whole segments of Ana and Christian's email correspondences, proving that there is good in every book. There were plenty of questions left unanswered and as I am a person who has to know, I will be reading the next two in the series. However, I think reading Grey might be completely unnecessary, at least until I find it in the charity shop bargain bin.

I give Fifty Shades

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