Friday, 14 August 2015

Book Boyfriends Vs Actual Boyfriends


Any woman who reads will more than likely agree with me that boys on the page are often better than the one sitting on the couch next to you (if you have one). And here are five of the reasons why...

1. Book Boyfriends are romantic without needing to be asked or prodded or prompted by their woman. In real life, if your guy buys you flowers out of the blue you tend to immediately suspect that he is up to something, has been up to something or plans to be up to something.

2. Book Boyfriends are courteous and make us believe that chilvary isn't dead. In the best examples, they open doors for their lady, pick up the check, they pay you compliments without having to fish for one. Though I do admit its more amusing in real life to watch your guy miss the compliment queue and struggle to get one in their before the window closes.

3. You can have more than one and they won't get mad at you. I am not advocating cheating on a guy here but if men can dream about having two women totally into them, why can't a woman have multiple book boyfriends. They aren't going to get jealous of one another.

4. Book boyfriends stir the imagination. Each description of a guy in a book, makes a different image for each woman who reads it. His words and actions are interpreted in different ways by different readers and they get fulfillment because it's their own desires that fill in the gaps. Book boyfriends have that mysterious quality to them that your guy drinking a beer on the couch and picking his nose when you peer over the pages to check on him just doesn't.

5. If you want to end the relationship, you can just close the book and put it on a shelf.

So here I ask you to leave a comment below about who your favourite book boyfriend is and why. The best answer will win a copy of any of the romance titles from my catalog. Please put your email address in with your comment so when I pick and winner, I know where to send the prize.

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