Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Dusty Pages Review: The Ladies of Grace Adieu

I was bought this for my birthday. I've read nothing by this author before but I did enjoy the BBC's recent adaptation of her book Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.

It is very rare that I don't finish a book but after the third story, I put it down and feel no compulsion to ever pick it up again. A Collection of short stories - the blurb alludes to them being like fairy stories - I would have expected it to be right up my street. However as I said, three stories in and I was utterly bored. I've always had trouble with the kinds of books where the writer keenly sticks to an old style of polite waffling. I suppose in an attempted to emulate Austen or Bronte. Two authors who I am sad to say I struggle to read through as well.

Apart from the fact that story two was entirely written in a Yorkshire dialect, the only thing that struck me odd about what I did read of this book was a recurring phenomena in which spaces marked with an underline appeared in the text (see photos below). It was almost as if the author had left a blank intending to check a fact or spelling, or name the thing later but never came back to it. Stopping at each one, it was a bit like stumbling over stones on an otherwise smooth path.

Sadly I'm only giving this

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