Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Dusty Pages Review: Blue Moon House

 I was attracted to this story because it promised vampires and at the time was free to purchase for the weekend. I liked the over all story but found it to be a little vague and hurried. This is definitely a book where the author planned it to be a serial. There are more books after this one which seem to focus on the other characters as this book introduces them but doesn't give you much to go on.

I found that there was a lack of description to help you build any kind of mental picture. I couldn't get a feel for the look of the place or any of the characters. I don't mind books that are just about the sex but even I require there to be a little literary foreplay. The heroine lacked the most detail - I was shocked about half way through the book to find she was nearly in her forties, not that age bothers me, but there had been nothing to suggest this at all and the only way we find out is because she tells someone.

Although the story continues, I made no attachment to any of the characters to want to know their stories. I hated Alex, and I should warn you that if you're going to read this, his scene is uncomfortable and you'll hate him too. I warmed to none of the characters, except maybe Nicholas - I liked him but not enough to continue and pay full price for the other installments.

I give Blue Moon House

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