Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Dusty Pages Review: Insurgent

With Insurgent again, saw the movie first. I prefer it this way as this book demonstrates how changes have to be made from page to screen. The film follows the spirit of the book - the fight with Euradite, the secret message, the alliance with the factionless but in the book all of this is just a little darker. Also Four and Tris's relationship is much more of a roller coaster ride in the book than the film shows, but honestly its better that way. They are only eighteen and sixteen respectfully and are each others first boyfriend/girlfriend. This may be a spoiler but in Divergent (the book) Four confesses to having never been with anyone.

There was also something else I liked about this book, the time it took for Christina to forgive Tris for shooting Will. Within twenty minutes or so of her finding out in the movie, she is offering to stand between Tris and the factionless. In the book you see much more of her struggle to understand what happened and how bad Tris feels about having to save her life by taking that of their friend. You also get a great character in Will's sister that makes no appearance in the movies at all.

The message however, for those of you who have seen the movie, is dramatically different in the book. Its closer to the message we see in The Maze Runner. You were an experiment. However I did like that the woman in the message has a connection to Tris, either being her grandmother or great grandmother. I can't be sure which because its a little confusing as to how long ago the message was supposed to have been recorded. In the movie Jeanine says its been two hundred years but I can't recall a time period being mentioned in the books.

I am going to read the third one, but not for a while. I may cave though because I've just read that the last movie will be split into two, over two years - hate this new trend - ass hats

I give Insurgent

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