Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Dusty Pages Review: Ironbound Kisses

I featured Jessica Walsh on this blog a while back and she gave me a copy of Ironbound Kisses. I don't read a lot of m/m fiction. Mainly because as with most romance readers I like to slip inside the skin of the female half of a romance - which is the only reason this little beauty isn't getting five stars.

Thomas applies for a job with the circus because he doesn't mind the hard work or the fact that they will move around a lot, in fact he thinks its pretty much perfect for him. Then he see's this mysterious young man who lives inside the ringmasters trailer and he can't get him out of his head.

I liked the world building and the all the characters, there was a great amount of depth to them considering its not a very long book. Or maybe it just seemed so short because I read through it so quickly. The Romance was sweet - although there is a "sex scene" its not graphic, its done very tastefully. I like the classic mythos applied in the narrative and thought the ending was very sweet and satisfactory.

Ironbound Kisses gets

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