Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Dusty Pages Reviews: Blur

I really liked this book. Although the characters are teens, I would definitely class this an a New Adult book rather than Young Adult as there are strong sexual themes throughout. The story follows Nikki and her twin brother Nathan who move with their mom to a small town to hide from their father after they came home one night to find he'd viciously attacked their mom. I very much liked the interaction between the siblings and the amount of work the author put into building the world.

However ... and beware because below might be what some people call spoilers...

I twigged right away that the Sheriff was a vampire and that he would turn out to be the leader of the local group or whatever. We meet Ethan who is a vampire and is the most confusing of all the characters because you can never really work out what side he is on. I did like Duncan, Nikki's other love interest and almost expected him to turn out to be a werewolf. However they are not a feature in this book but do appear in the next part of the series.

The first book leaves you with a lot of questions. Is Ethan a good guy, a bad guy or just plain crazy? Did he kill the girls that were murdered in the first book? What has become of the twins dad? Y'know that whole reason they moved their in the first place. And just who the heck is Miranda? The book also ends on a little bit of a cliff hanger so it means reading the rest.

Note on the Series: I did after this one read the rest of them and they someone what disappoint. Don't get me wrong I still liked the story and some of the characters but there were so many plot twists and secret identities and more questions raised that it became to a point ludicrous. The author didn't want to keep things simple. Its great if you can pull it off but along with too many themes here, I'm not entirely convinced of the plausibility of the ending.

I give Blur

Blur - Night Roamers #1

Shiver - Night Roamers #2
Vengeance - Night Roamers #3
Illusions - Night Roamers #4

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