Friday, 18 September 2015

Writers On: Self Publishing

So what do you do when you've written that all important manuscript but keep coming up against a wall? I had this exact problem with - A Chance of Rain. People kept telling me what a good book it was but it always ended with very round peg, very square hole. It just wasn't the right fit.

In the end I decided to self publish. It will be the one thing in life where I will say all my friends are doing it so I want to do it too. These wonderful people were there to help guide me through the process but I did a lot of reading online. There are any number of articles like this one that run through the should you/should you not self publish debate and talk about the long list of things you have to do to achieve it.

I opted to use KDP - which is Amazon's self publishing Kindle process. You can check out the guide on how to do this here. Its very informative, with a step by step to help you turn your manuscript into a kindle book - including tips on formatting for best results. It might seem like a daunting task but honestly the hard part is still in writing the book first. The only bit  of the process that took me anytime was the Tax Interview.

I went it totally alone. Most people will involve others, an editor and a cover artist. Here is what I found in my experience. Editors are expensive, even the ones that claim to be reasonable. So if you've got a pretty hefty book (between 50 and 150K) then you need to be aware of this. I self edited. I've been publishing through a small press for a few years where my work does go through editors and I've picked up a few things since then. Cover art can also be pricey if you go for an artist who will create you a wonder from scratch. There are some good pre-made cover sites:

The Book Cover Designer
Self Pub Book Covers
The Cover Collection

But your still looking at any where between $30 and $200 dollars for a good cover and with all the ones to choose from, you may still not find one that fits your book. I created my own but I'll go into that in more detail in another Writers On post.

The most thrilling and scary part of the procedure was clicking that button that puts the book out there. Let me tell you its worth it to see your work for sale. Also you get a bigger cut of the royalties.

Available now on Amazon. Click the image. Oh and one more thing....

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