Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Dusty Pages Review: Angel 6.0

I got this book because I saw it was free - still is now - and its the start to a five part series - three priced at £1.99 with the final installment at £2.59.

Angel is stolen from her space station home by the Capatain of a Gran ship - a race of cat people. Angel is not an ordinary human though, she is a genetically engineered clone that was the secret experiment of the head scientist on the station. A scientist who lost his life trying to stop her kidnap.

Pressed into service as the Captain's Concubine, Angel will have a tough time a head of her.

I liked the story. The whole sci-fi element of it was perfect, not too technical and not too lacking either but I found the sexual themes in the book to be a little hit and miss. There wasn't really any romance in it, it was all about sex and Angel seemed to hop from lover to lover with only the briefest of morning periods for the death of her first two lovers. The very first one however I can understand, and if you read this, you will too. One word. Asshat.

I've read all but the last installment (though it is definitely on my list) but readers need to be prepared to have to keep up with a host of interesting characters, twisting politcal plots and macho posturing.

I give Angel 6.0

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