Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Dusty Pages Review: Pleasure Traveller from Earth

I bought this book way back in 2012 and there was something about it that kept me from reading it, whether it was better books or writing my own. Finally I decided to give it ago and was sadly disappointed in it.

The idea was great. A woman kidnapped from her home, taken to a planet in a far off galaxy and forced to work as a sexual companion to survive. However the execution was lacking. It was a very short book. The character had a clear personality, an extensive back story in which she was a stern no nonsense, a-sexual scientist but the minute she's on the alien planet, that all goes out the window in order to engage in the sexual content of the book. Sad to say that content was mediocre at best.

The worst thing I found about it was the telling not showing that ran through out the book. The character tells you that she explores the station and that she becomes good friends with the other companions but we never get any description of the places she goes, or interactions with the other companions to show the growth of friendship.

In the end this book is just about writing about weird alien sex but not in a way that would titillate anyone. It feels like a good idea - wasted.

I give it


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