Friday, 16 October 2015

Writers On: Designing your own Kindle Book Cover Part II

The next stage in creating your cover art is to add text to the image you have made to give your book its title and of course who its by. Re open your .psd project in photoshop and get started.

I tend to close all but three of the internal windows, you can open and close them through the window section on the main menu. I keep open the tools bar on the left of the screen, the color pallet and the layer pallet. These are really all you need to create a basic cover.

Using the T from the tool menu, you create a text box and type in your title. Next you can change how that title looks by selecting it and changing the size of the letters above - I've gone for 120pt so that it really stands out - and you can also change the font. Photoshop will allow you to use whatever basic font package you have on your computer. You can however increase the number of options you have by downloading new fonts - I use fontsquirrel - this particular font is called Lovers Quarrel. You can move the text around to change the position of it using the little black arrow tool, top right of the tools window. To change the colour of the font, you highlight again and pick a colour from the pallet. I went with white because it stands out on a dark back ground.

To add in your author name, you need to create a second text box. Click the T and create the box on the image and type in your name. To make my name stand out from the title I have changed fonts. This one is called Goudy Trojan and is very popular on book covers.

Tip: Different fonts can look different at the same size. The font for the title is at a bigger size that the font for the author name, yet the author name looks to be the bigger one. Be sure to adjust these to fit the space required.

So here is the finished file (File> Save as> .jpeg) for a very basic cover. My suggestion is to play around with the fonts you can download and try different things until you get comfortable with what you're doing. I might revisit cover design later, blending images together when I'm at a higher level of skill with it.

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