Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Dusty Pages Review: The Isle of the Lost

I watched the Descendants Movie and then remembered that I had this book on my shelf. I thought at first it might turn out to be a sequel but it is in fact a prequel - taking place before the movie. This was even better to my mind because I thought it might answer some of the questions the movie had raised.

Although it was fun to get lost in the imaginary world of what came after happily ever after, it didn't actually answer any of my questions. It provided a little more background and roundness to the characters you meet in the movie but the over all feel of the book was "this is for children".

My major problems with it, is not with the story itself - which is pleasant enough and very easy to follow, so easy in fact I was able to put it down every night without feeling that urgency to know what the next chapter contained - but the premise. The characters are the children of the villains from the famous Disney Classic with the occasional cut scene to follow the son of Belle and the Beast around. What stumps me is that the Villains who all appear as much older than their heroic counterparts in most of the movies, have children the same age as their counterparts.

The other part is that all the villains kids come from a single parent household. Not that I object to that so much but there is no real discussion as to who fathered these children. Some random human. This is fine up to the point of Jafar and his Son - all the other main characters have single mothers but biology dictates there must have been a woman involved with Jafar to have a son but what happened to her. Its just a little weird.

I give The Isle of the Lost

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