Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Dusty Pages Review: Untouched

I liked the set up of this book even if the outcome was some what predictable. I saw Aiden's secret coming even if the slightly more duplicitous nature of it was something that caught me off guard.

I liked the main character of Aria. She was someone I could easily identify with. She's a strong character that comes across well on the page.

The sex scenes were definitely hot but I found myself skipping some of the bits in between. There were whole passages that didn't seem to move the story forward and there is one scene about a drunken one night lesbian encounter with her best friend that just seemed to be a pointless flashback.

However as the first in a series there are of course unanswered questions that might lead me to purchasing the second book. To see whether Aiden and Aria do get together. To find out what happens with Dane and his divorce and just to see if at any point we find out who the hell Eric is.

I give Untouched

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