Sunday, 22 November 2015

Sunday Showcase

Agent Nicholas Grafton has a plan. To use a convicted criminal to catch other criminals and he thinks he’s chosen the perfect candidate.

Cera Raine went to prison for the murder of her father. Intelligent, beautiful and resourceful, Cera could have done it but claims she didn’t. Intrigued by Grafton’s proposal she takes it, even with its condition – that she wear a bomb around her neck. Once out, she will do whatever she has to, to get him to trust her, even take down a drug operation plaguing the streets of Central City.


Celebrating a new cover created by the wonderful artist Dawne Dominque


  1. Dawne does great covers and your book looks fantastic!

  2. Thank you Rose. Dawne is an amazing artist and friend and I am really pleased with her work. I can't wait to show off her next cover