Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Dusty Pages Review: Artistic Licence

"On an art appreciation holiday in Provence with her friend Molly, Thea meets the gorgeous Rory. Accepting his invitation to Ireland, she discovers a studio full of wonderful paintings. Thea decides to open an art gallery to show Rory's work. But will she end up with Rory, who wants her, or with Ben, who for some reason, doesn't seem to? "

This has to be the first main stream romance I have read in a while and the first by this author. Although I liked the story, it seemed to go at a very slow pace. The most action in it was when the Irish Setter (Lara) started having puppies in the middle of the living room.

Another thing I liked was that there were no raunchy sex scenes, the majority of the romance was all tension that builds up until the last possible moment. And of course because this is a main stream romance you get the obligatory H. E. A - which honest seemed a little sudden to me.

Out of the two love interests in the piece, I have to say I did not like Rory at all but only marginally preferred the stoic Ben. Ben's son Toby was cute, trying to get them together and the author added a Sleepless in Seattle reference I think just to stop someone going, hey isn't this kid acting like that movie with Meg Ryan.

I would pick up another by this author if I found it in the charity shop like I did with this one but new full book price it would get left on the shelf.

I give Artistic Licence

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