Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Dusty Pages Review: Magic

"When Rachel Lindquist returned home to care for her ageing mother, she found herself chasing a ghost. Addie Lindquist insisted a presence haunted Drake House and hired parapsychologist Bryan Hennessy to investigate. But Rachel knew better than to believe in what she couldn't see.
Until a second, more sinister force began to stalk her, threatening to drive her from Drake House - a force that could be banished only by a man who believed in the power of magic..."

Another charity shop find from an author I've heard of but not read before. The characters were all very likable. A typical tale of haunting and the possibility of a missing fortune that could save them from having to sell the family home. Rachel and Bryan's romance was great and the love scenes were very tasteful.

However the real villains of the story didn't appear till I was nearly two thirds of the way through the story. It was very sad in places too, forcing the reader to look hard at the realism of a relative with Alzheimer. There was also a whole host of characters that I had a little trouble keeping up with, who was married to who and which kids belonged to which couple and what jobs they did.

Over all a very enjoyable story but not the edge of my seat thriller I was sort of expecting.

I give Magic

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