Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Dusty Pages Review: The Advent Killer

Three weeks before Christmas: Sunday, one a.m. A woman is drowned in her bathtub.
One week later: Sunday, one a.m. A woman is beaten savagely to death, every bone in her body broken.
Another week brings another victim.
As panic spreads across London, DCI Antonia Hawkins, leading her first murder investigation, must stop a cold, careful killer whose twisted motives can only be guessed at, before the next body is found. On Sunday.
When the clock strikes one . . 

Although this was a book I found I could put down, I always looked forward to picking it up again to see how the characters were getting on with the case. I loved the main character of Antonia Hawkins (who I think is unfairly targeted by her boss and wouldn't get so much flack if she were not a woman) and that it was set in the UK. Its nice to get that creepy thrill of familiarity from the setting. I also loved the realism of the character and their interactions with each other. They all had very distinctive voices and histories to them.

There is a thread of romance through this crime story but its just a thread and it doesn't distract from the main story. I did work out who the killer was about two thirds of the way through, before the detectives, but I did enjoy watching them finally piece all the clues together. Over all a really good book and I will be picking up the sequel (already in my tbr pile) to read soon.

I give it

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