Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Dusty Pages Review: My Bloody Valentine

When the body of a young woman is found brutally slain on Valentine's Day the press reacts with barely disguised glee. For DCI Antonia Hawkins, still recovering from the terrible wounds inflicted by another killer, the pressure of another high profile murder investigation could barely be worse timed.
But, battling her own physical limitations and under pressure from a new member of the team whose ambition to displace her is barely disguised, Hawkins must discover not just who killed the first victim, but why. Or watch helplessly as others die at the hands of a monster whose been labelled the Valentine Killer.

 The title has actually very little to do with the plot of the book, apart from marking the time of year and the presses ability to latch onto anything to make a sensational headline. I liked this sequel better than the previous book because it took me longer to work out the intricate web of things that brought the victims together.

DCI Antonia Hawkins is a very typical woman detective, always trying to stay on top because policing is so gender biased, she's a workaholic and nearly destroys her relationship while engaging in a secret battle with another man who wants her job. It picks up only a few short weeks after the end of the first book which I liked but her recovery and her stubborn resistance of that fact that she was seriously injured, made me close the book a couple of times with a huff.

I loved the little bit of a twist the author threw in there at the end and actually enjoyed several pages of a car chase - something that I normally skip through. That said, there is supposed be a third novel in this series coming and it might make it into my tbr pile if its a reasonable price.

I give it

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