Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Dusty Pages Review : Midnight Crossroad

A new series from one of my favourite authors. Midnight is a strange little town that if it weren't for their one stop light most folks would just breeze on through. It's a little slow paced for what turns out to be a murder mystery but that is more than made up for by the host of interesting characters. By far Mr. Snuggly is my favourite, especially towards the end. However the culprit did surprise me as I just didn't see it coming, as there were literally no clues to indicate the guilty party.

One thing I noted and delighted in was the fact that this new series seems to pull from all of her previous works. There are name drops that create links between all her other works. The sheriff for instance - Arthur Smith - the name rang a bell, especially talking about his daughter who lived in Georgia. This is the same Arthur Smith from the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries. One of the main protagonists mentions his friend Harper who got struck by lighting, which is the premise behind the Harper Connelly quartet of books (which are on my to buy list) and Bobo another main character mentions the protagonists of the Shakespeare series Lilly Bard and Jack Leeds (in my tbr pile).

It spins a greater theory as this is not the first time her books have crossed over, but I will discuss this in a later post. Midnight crossroads proves to be a great start to a new series and I will definately be looking into what comes next. I give it

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