Friday, 29 April 2016

Theories of World Building

**Potential Spoilers Ahead**

So Clever woman that she is, Ms Harris has seemingly begun to bring all the individual worlds of her books together with her new series set in Midnight Texas. How is this possible, when some of her books are not set around supernatural circumstances and what is my evidence for this theory. Let me start with my three pieces of evidence of connection that come from Midnight cross roads.

On Page 12, Manfred Bernadois is working...

"Every time he admired the Photoshopped bolts, he thought of his lightning-struck friend, Harper"

I think this is a reference to the lead character in another series, Harper Connelly (a series which I have ordered so I can read and find out if Manfred shows up). Another supernatural work to do with finding the dead.

Further connection comes a little later when Bobo Winthrope starts talking about his past and the fact that when he was a kid he lived in Shakespeare Arkansas.

"And a white woman named Lily Bard. She could knock me down with her little finger." Then a little later "The Guys name was Jack Leeds" and then "His girlfriend came to rescue him".

Lilly Bard and Jack Leeds are characters from Harris's Shakespeare books (I am going to start reading these soon). A non supernatural series as far as I can tell. However this is not the first time that these two have crossed out of their own book. They appear in one of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, now married and investigation the disappearance of Debbie Pelt.

My last connection is the Sheriff that comes up to investigate the crime.  Arthur Smith. Anyone who has read the Aurora Teagarden mysteries might recognize the name, though he was a detective then. However anyone could be named Smith. However he tells us a few things that encourage us to believe he is one and the same.

Page 155 - After making a comment about being on his third wife, Bobo enquires if he has kids.

"I have a child by another marriage, but she lives in Georgia with her mom"

The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries are set in Georgia. The Arthur Smith in those books did have a daughter, with his wife, Lynn.

Then almost as if in confirmation later, we see more of an insight into his past.

"I got interested in cold cases, and I belonged to a club that met once a month to talk about famous cases from the past."

This to me confirms that Ms Harris is trying to bring all her worlds together. But how do we rectify the non supernatural stories with the supernatural ones. Well here is my theory. Sookie Stackhouse can be quoted as saying there was a great reveal, where vampires came out into the light and then later the two natured joined them. I from this have created a little time line.

Aurora Teagarden Mysteries - no supernatural elements
Lily Bard Series - no supernatural elements

THE GREAT REVEAL - the supernatural step forward into the light

Sookie Stackhouse Series - Vampires, Witches, Two Natured, you name it, its got it
Harper Connelly Series - Power to find the dead, definately supernatural
Midnight Series - Lemuel is a vampire out in the open and I'm pretty sure the preacher is two natured. Also Fiji is a witch.

Knowing that another Aurora Teagarden book is on the way, I have to wonder whether it will be set in the past (ie before the great reveal) or whether the supernatural is going to find its way into a modern day Lawrenceton, Georgia to complete the one world. One world to rule them all

Mwah ha ha

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