Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Dusty Pages Review: Shakespeare's Trollop

Lily Bard went to Shakespeare for the quiet life, but again this is disrupted when the body of one of Lily's clients, the ill reputed Deedra Dean, is found in her car, the apparent victim of a tryst gone wrong. Lily once again uses her knowledge of the private lives of Shakespeare's residents as she is drawn into the investigation. But will her knowledge of Shakespeare's secrets make her the next victim?

 I have to say the victim in this book did not surprise me. I knew the minute you met Deedra Dean way back in the first book that she was going to get murdered. Not because I'd read ahead on the blurbs but just because she had murder victim written all over her. What I liked about how the writer played this rather inevitable turn of events was to play the reasons for her death so close to the chest, that they were a secret almost right up to the very end. This is just the way I like my mysteries. If I've worked out who did it by the end of chapter two, the rest of the book is just me patting myself on the back while I wait for the characters on the page to catch up.

We see a little more development in Jack and Lily's relationship, its progressing in a very Jack and Lily way. It has its sweet moments and of course, its not so sweet. However I thought the bit with Bobo Winthrop was just tacky and unnecessary.

Theory of World Building Note: Nothing to really add here, there wasn't anything I can think of that made a connection to a different series.

I give this

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