Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Agressive Twittering

I've been actively tweeting (or trying to) for a little while now. Its been a great place to learn about new books and to promote my own. But when does promoting cross a line? I worry about constant twitter post about my books might become annoying to people. However, I discovered to day where the line is and its this.

I was recently followed by another writer. I won't name them because frankly I think that's bitchy but I want to use what happened as a lesson to other authors out there. I'm prepared for a little bit of a hard sell, but is you average reader.

Anyway within minutes of following him, the first of a series of private message came in.

There was no small talk. It was straight into sales pitch. Where as I'm not offended by it, I do feel it a little rude. I've just had a fall in which I've damaged my foot quite badly, which means I am not currently at my day job earning - meaning as much as I like new books, they aren't on the table right now. I tried to be diplomatic because it was an interesting sounding book. I thought he had taken the hint and we were just going to have a chat.

I was wrong. He went straight back into a sales pitch. When I declined I agreed to accept information. I was expecting him to send a media packet or something about the book to entice me to buy it. Not only did he not send me an email, he was suddenly trying to charge me $28.00. I tried again to gently let him down, thoroughly put off. It was if I had been in a book store, picked up a book to read the back when someone jumps up from behind you and frog marches you to the till.

I said no and this was awesome? I begun to doubt English to be his first language as even after pointing out that his aggressive pitch was off putting when he insisted I could get it for free on KU. I am not subscribe to KU. That was the end of the conversation I thought but no, in came a final message - just get it here. Totally Free. If I sign up to his mailing list - like I wanted to hear anymore from him.

Now I don't balk easily but I could never imagine me doing this to a complete stranger. Especially not only minutes after we'd connected. He didn't even show a courtesy interest in my books, it was all Sale! Sale! Sale! Am I being oversensitive? Or would this have bothered you?


  1. Nope. I don't think you were over sensitive.

  2. Seems like a bit of over excited puppy wanting you to play with his new book. Tail waging, drooling over the prospect of being thrown a ton of cash.
    He's an idiot.

  3. Definitely not oversensitive, in fact I would say he needs to get grip

  4. More than likely it was a bot - a program that responds to certain keywords with a prepared 'salespitch' ... or a human paid to do exactly the same thing.

    1. If it is, the author set it up and its still something I wouldn't do

  5. Trump University grad. The only pitch here is you like fantasy, his book is fantasy, buy it. The rest is just pressure sales tactics. I think twitter is a great tool for sales, but this is too much.