Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Dusty Pages Review: The McDougal Pack Alpha

Mandi finds herself waking from a drug induced sleep, in the arms of the handsome McDougal Pack's alpha. But Mandi is a human, with no desire to be anything else. Just because the legendary white wolf blood might run through her veins, doesn’t give the werewolf council any say over her life. She may not be able to pick her relatives, but she can certainly choose the man she marries. Can’t she?
Mac doesn’t think the mate the council chose for him is going to work out for him at all. But when he meets her, he begins to wonder if she might not be the one he’s been looking for all along. She wants to fight him and the attraction that flares between them. He has a surprise for her. He’s a fighter and he’s enlisted an unexpected ally from her family. The white wolf herself is on his side and he doesn’t intend to stop until he wins.

Before I start this review, I will advise that this book is a DNF. Here's why.

Ignore the cover, its didn't draw me in either but the premise seemed like a great idea. However, even with the authors warning at the beginning about head hopping, it was done way too much. It made the scenes choppy, they didn't flow into one another and I had to keep going back over it again and again to make sure I knew who was thinking, feeling what.

The Lore was extremely hard to pin down. The crux of this came down to the fact that it seemed heavily reliant on you having read another series by the same author. I kept getting confused whether the female protagonist Mandi (short for Miranda of all things) was a human or a werewolf. Mac kept calling her a white wolf - maybe this just meant she had the gene or something - but a little later she's going to turn because he bit her in a moment of passion. A scene that was described entirely "as if it were a dream" btw, which felt like a cop out. Either have the sex scene or don't.

Also the drama for this story starts much later than anticpated when wolves come after Mandi as she is so sought after. If this is so, A) why had an attack like this not happened before, some past try or any indication that this wasn't the first time
and B) why did the old pack she was living with let her go considering their leader was supposed to be a power mad a-hole?

In the end, it went to Tarterus unfinished.

I give it

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