Sunday, 26 June 2016

Sunday Showcase

Every action has a reaction. Every reaction has a consequence.

Every consequence creates a memory.

Having overcome the impossibility of time travel, Kenneth Ramsayer and his best friend exist to relive past rock 'n' roll gigs. Everything is going well; they've become heroes, they've discovered love, they had the world by the tail, and then they ruined everything.

Based on what is left of their ruined music collections, it appears that rock 'n' roll died in 1984.

Their unassailable knowledge of music, leads the boys to recall that in 1984 an unknown patron made a bootleg recording of a Replacements gig. This cassette was recovered and became the live album "The Shit Hits The Fans." The history of rock 'n' roll was forever changed. Now a viciously evil plot has absconded with the recording.

But what if the death of rock 'n' roll isn't connected to the missing cassette? Seeking help from unlikely sources and following fading memories, the boys travel across America in a bid to save rock 'n' roll.

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Duncan Milne is a practicing lawyer in search of a forum where prose doesn’t include the terms “notwithstanding” or “but for.” He has a passion and insatiable appetite for music, art, and literature. His debut novel, The Death of Rock ‘n’ Roll, The Impossibility of Time Travel and Other Lies is the first in a four part series, with the second book anticipated June 2015.

Relocated to New Zealand with his wife and daughter, Milne is fortunate to be married to someone whose career facilitates travel abroad.

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