Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Dusty Pages Review: Fortunes Eyes

Leena Price had been born with a gift. A gift which offered her only scorn from her father. She would find this gift could be either a blessing or a huge burden. Doors would be opened into the brightest worlds or the darkest hells.
After years of living on the streets on her own, she’d find a safe haven with her aunt in New Orleans. However, New Orleans would prove to be dangerous for her. A serial killer roamed the streets of the French Quarter, and discovered this gifted woman. He kept his eyes focused on her, waiting and watching.
She’d become involved in the investigation and would her gift help Detective Roger Black find the killer or would it put her in harm’s way. Would karma bring Leena and Roger together, working it’s magic on them. 

 I liked the over all premise of this book. Leena was a good strong female character which I liked. Part of what let the story down for me was that it felt a bit over stuffed. The author had decided to push as many themes into this book as possible with crime, romance, supernatural powers, BDSM and human vampires all taking small parts rather than having one main theme. It started out reading like a crime story but soon the romance over took everything else and the story took a back seat.

The killer was a surprise to me, because as I said, the romance element took over and they really didn't spend enough time on that character for the reader to pick up any clues. Also as a stand alone book it left quite a few unanswered questions. Who bought her the painting? And what was going on with her and the lawyer? I suppose they could be red herrings but if so they were very small ones that weren't satisfactorily resolved.

There is sex in the book, short, quick scenes - I've read better but I've also read worse.

I give this

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