Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Dusty Pages Review: Leather & Lace

Kristen Anders is starting her life over again after divorcing her cheating husband. An author of several 'vanilla' romance novels, she spiced up her latest one involving BDSM and it became a best-seller. Now she's researching the subject for her follow-up book and manages to get a tour of the elite, private sex club, The Covenant, and runs into the one person she never expected to see there.

Devon "Devil Dog" Sawyer is intrigued by a cute brunette he meets at a friend's Irish pub and does something he hasn't done in over twelve years. He asks her out on a date. While it might seem strange to most, Devon's only relationships since he was twenty-four have started and ended in the same place–a BDSM club.

What was supposed to be a single weekend of mutual pleasure and dirty sex, turns into something more. But while they fight their growing connection, a killer has Devon in his sights and Kristen may end up as collateral damage. Will they survive with their lives and hearts intact?

I was drawn to by this book by an extract I read on Facebook. It was a reasonable price so despite my reservations that this might turn out to be another A-Typical ex military over protective domineering man finds the girl he will die for book, I decided to give it a go. I found that although it did have the previously mentioned element to it - the BDSM element was well used and for once well researched. Move over Christian Gray and let a real man show you how its done. Devon "Devil Dog" Sawyer is the kind of man women will be begging to say "Yes Sir" to.
The chemistry between the two main characters was perfect. The sex scenes were hot but not right in your face from page one. This author knows how to build the tension with a little foreplay. The extended cast provided lightening in the form of some comic relief but the over all focus of the book was the main romance - in fact the death plot seemed like a bit of an after thought and those other characters can wait for their own books for screen time. Which they have.

I give it

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