Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Dusty Pages Review: The Prince of Mist

'The Prince of Mist never left. He had remained in the shadows waiting for something powerful to return him to the world of the living. And nothing is as powerful as a promise.'

From the moment he moves to the house over looking the sea, 13 year old Max has a feeling that something isn't right. Even before he's crossed the threshold he had the strangest sensation that time is slowing down, and whose is that sinister, black cat with its glittering stare?

This story starts out wonderfully descriptive but a little slow. Hold with it though and things begin to happen, strange things. There were moments when reading that I got a distinct chill up my spine. The antagonist was about as creepy and sinister as you can get in a young adult book such as this.

Originally written in Spanish it has been translated very well. There are no place names which allow you to imagine that this can be set anywhere in 1943 war torn Europe. Anywhere with a coast line. Of course living in the UK I immediately pictured it somewhere like Cornwall or Devon, far away from the dangers of being bombed in a major city.

I have to say that I didn't like the ending, although I can see how it was the natural way for the story to progress, I kept hoping for the last minute twist. This is definitely an author though that I will look to read something else by them.

I give it

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