Monday, 5 September 2016

Meet a Writer Monday Presents...

...Tina Amiri

1. Tell me about your book, Whatever The Impulse, and where you got your inspiration for it?

Whatever The Impulse is a psychological thriller about a young man, named Night, who spent his first nineteen years forced, by his father, to play the role of a deaf-mute in order to isolate himself from others—all, apparently, for a good reason. Finally, Night learns the truth and is immediately thrust into a completely opposite life, always in the public eye, but in a world he does not understand, without a moral compass.

Inspiration for this novel comes from my interest in abnormal human psychology that is formed by unusual, extreme circumstances.

2. What are your three biggest pet peeves? (writing or otherwise)

1) bad music 2) the exploitation of animals 3) people who contribute and appreciate nothing

3. If you were asked to review a fellow author/friends book would you be honest?

I tend to be honest, but the how thorough I am depends on the request. If someone is asking for a critique because they are aiming for publication, I would offer my best advice; if someone is just curious about my thoughts, I might be a little less intense. If the person had already published the piece in some capacity…that situation is tricky and I would tread carefully. I find it difficult to hold back what might be good advice because if others had held back on me… I hate to think even think about that.

4. How do you think the self-publishing boom has effected the book industry?

I think it has muddied the waters of the book industry and here is why… It is normal for a writer to feel their work is “pretty good” at every stage of their writing curve. Unfortunately, we don’t know what we don’t know. The art of effective writing is so complicated, that if it doesn’t occur to a writer to read some how-to books and get feedback from “real” industry professionals, there is no way to ever know what might need improvement. Unfortunately, there are a lot of author-mills out there that prey on hopeful writers who are tired of being rejected—and that can even work out for the writer if their writing is solid. However, when there are countless houses publishing books that have barely been scrutinized, throwing books up on Amazon, the industry becomes muddied with the varying degrees of quality control being exercised.

I do believe self-publishing can work well for some authors, especially those writing non-fiction, but it’s the number of unscrupulous houses that perpetuate the stigma of self-publishing. My advice to any author is simply to hone your writing skills before you pursue publication, no matter what route you choose, and get familiar with the red flags of the illicit publishing houses.

5. A duck walks into a bar, what does he order?

Water on the rocks. Okay, that’s lame, but a duck may want that—because it’s a duck!

6. What question do you hate to answer?

Well, although I did attempt to answer this (above), I have to say it’s answering: “What is your book about”—only because almost every plot-point in my story begs for further explanation, but I’m learning to not worry as much about the details. It’s important to be succinct.

7. If you could have personally witnessed anything, what would you want to have seen?

The construction of Coral Castle.

8. What is the habit you are proudest of breaking or want to break?

Consuming food/drinks made with artificial sweeteners and processed food. Like many, I believe it is the cause of our surge in chronic illnesses. PS. I’m not perfect in this regard, but I rarely buy these things myself.

9. If you had to be named after a city, state or country, what would you want it to be?

Sierra or Aurora. I love environmental names and place-names are intriguing too.

10. Glass half full or half empty?

Half empty, but don’t get me wrong… I try the see the bright side, and also, more than many people in our hectic world, I try to appreciate things around me…but I say “half empty” because I tend to look for what can be improved or what is missing.

11. If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, what would it be?

I think it would have to be The Biggest Loser because I could always use a month of stepping up my workout game and having no distractions while I cook healthy organic meals.


With his sole guardian turned stalker and the police on the wrong side, 19-year-old Night has little choice but to enter into an elaborate ruse in exchange for refuge. Despite his oppressive, isolated past, fulfilling his dying mentor’s grand expectations is achievable for prodigious Night, but threats and temptations abound. As Night’s power increases, will he be able to control his feral impulses, and more importantly, will he care?

About Tina

Tina Amiri is originally from Sudbury, Ontario, but now lives in Barrie, just north of Toronto. She began writing before she could spell and never lost interest…so launched into the medical field. She continues to work as a low vision specialist, while pursuing her interest in fiction—most recently, providing intensive book-doctoring and editing services, mostly over e-mail, to people in several countries. Other passions include supporting animal and environmental causes. To balance all the computer time, she tried her hand—and other limbs—at martial arts, but finally found her comfort zone in fair-weather distance running.



Twitter: @WTIbook


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