Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Dusty Pages Review: The Baine Chronicles

Blurb for Burned By Magic:

In the city of Solantha, mages rule absolute, with shifters considered second-class citizens and humans something in between. No one outside the mage families are allowed to have magic, and anyone born with it must agree to have it stripped from them to avoid execution.

Sunaya Baine, a shifter-mage hybrid, has managed to keep her unruly magic under wraps for the last twenty-four years. But while chasing down a shifter-hunting serial killer, she loses control of her magic in front of witnesses, drawing the attention of the dangerous and enigmatic Chief Mage.

Locked up in the Chief Mage's castle and reduced to little more than a lab rat, Sunaya resists his attempts to analyze and control her at every turn. But she soon realizes that to regain her freedom and catch the killer, she must overcome her hatred of mages and win the most powerful mage in the city to her side.

 Set on an alternate version of Earth, I got the first book in this series under one of those limited time free offers. The minute I started reading it, I didn't want to put it down. I was drawn into the world and the mystery of what was going on very quickly and when I saw there was more, I instantly downloaded them. I read the next four installments in two days. I loved the characters, but their development is a little slow. The romance between the heroine Sunaya and her chosen beau, took forever to come to fruition.

There is plenty of action in these books but some of the twists I saw coming. You could tag early on who was going to be key bad guys later because they kept popping up. I was a little upset with amazon who advertised the five books as the complete series, only to find out there is in fact a sixth book scheduled for publication on the 30th of December. I hope that this will be the last because if the author intends to drag it out any further (as in my opinion the first three books felt like one book merely chopped up into three pieces) I will lose interest.

I give this a series rating of

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