Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Dusty Pages Review: Britt and the Butler

His business is her pleasure.

Britt doesn’t care for her friends’ plan to set her up with a total stranger that weekend. However, when sinfully sexy Harrington appears, she reconsiders her objections. The script is fine. It’s the cast that needs to change. After meeting the man intended for her, she knows she’s right. Only the butler has bothered to ask what she wants. Her answer is simple—him.

As the title suggests this is a strictly 18+ story. Its a quick sexy read that should grace the nightstand of any woman who wants to rev her engine. Harrington is a dream man, polite, attentive and he cooks. It was a well created little world for a story of only 70 pages and I devoured every bit of it.

Sexcapades looks to be a multi author franchise much like Black Lace used to be. Although this is billed as the third book, it stands alone as do the others I imagine as they are each by different people. From a look at their other titles this is currently the only one from this particular author at present but should something else from her come up in my Facebook news feed as this did, I wouldn't hesitate to check it out.

I give this

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