Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Dusty Pages Review: The Red Room

He almost took your life. Now his is in your hands...
After psychologist Kit Quinn is brutally attacked by a prisoner, she is determined to get straight back to work. When the police want her help in linking the man who attacked her to a series of murders, she refuses to simply accept the obvious.
But the closer her investigation takes her to the truth behind the savage crimes, the nearer Kit gets to the dark heart of her own terror.

 I've never read anything by Nicci French before but this is a genre I'm trying to read more of. I liked the story through its hardly the psychological thriller its claimed to be. I don't think it started to get really creepy until the end and then it wound off with a little twist as to who the doer was. I got it at a charity shop and I am said to say it's going to end up right back there, its not a keeper for me.

That said I did love some of the characterization. Kit Quinn is a very well thought out character as are those around her. Some of which you grow to like and others which you just don't. The one character I didn't understand the purpose of was Julie. She sort of breezes in just before the case begins and breezes out after wards. I don't care for characters who are just there to be an ear to listen to the protagonist moan, especially in a stand alone novel like this.

Therefore I give it

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