Monday, 14 November 2016

Writers Block

A lot of the time, things going on in your normal average day life can affect your ability to write. This time of year with the holidays fast approaching I find my mind dwelling on making enough money at my day job in order to spoil my family over Christmas. They do so much for me through out the year that I enjoy the prospect of being able to and having the excuse to spoil those closest to me. This however doesn't leave a lot of space in my head or time in my day for writing. Add to that the unintentional stress of people asking when you're next book is going to be out it leads to one thing: Writers Block.

Recently I've been trying very hard to get back into writing my series. The next book of which had been put on hiatus while things with my publisher sorted themselves out. However time has wound on and things are still not sorted to my satisfaction - but I still want to finish the series and the muse just won't return. I am trying the tricks I know to get me back into it. Listening to the playlist I created for this book, reading books to spark the imagination and occasionally completely ignoring it and trying something else because the minute you stop thinking about it, you get an idea.

I'm asking my readers to please be patient with me. I am hoping that one of my pieces will be out before Christmas from my publisher but although I have been told its finished, I have not be given any clue as to a release date. I have the first in a new series that I finished a couple of months ago, have had beta read and intend to self publish at the beginning of next year, when I have cover art and the time to set it all up. I'm excited about it because I am returning to the supernatural where as I went for futuristic crime for a while with the Cera Raine series of which the third and final part should be out in the fall of next year.

I guess that I wanted to say that although its been tough right now, I am trying, I am writing and I want my readers to know they are in my thoughts.

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