Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Dusty Pages Review: Bound to the Alpha

Stranded in the wilderness without her glasses, curvy Sarah must rely on the protection of Cain, a handsome and enigmatic werewolf.

I got the first part of this as a free download but now it a complete collection, it is better value for money to buy this one edition rather than the three separate parts. I enjoyed the story. There was a difference to the werewolves in this story that most of the others I've read. It reminds me of a character from the Dresden files, not a human that is sometimes a wolf but more a wolf that was sometimes human.

This is very much an adult book. The sex is intense and may be unsettling for some but I enjoyed it, it was in fitting with the type of character Cain is. I recommend this book to those that love shifter romances, especially one with the sweet ending this one has. A spin off follows the twins from Cain's pack, its in about eight parts at the moment, I advise to wait to see if a collection edition comes along.

I give this

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