Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Dusty Pages Review: The Moon in the Cloud

Noah realises there will be a flood. The task of assembling the animals and people for the Great Ark is not an easy one, and it is Reuben, the animal trainer, who undertakes to solve this problem. He is accompanied by a lazy dog, a jealous camel and socially mobile cat in this adventure.

I remember being read this book as a child by one of my teachers. He gathered us all together as a group and read it with such passion that it stuck with me. When I finally found a copy exactly like the one I remember, I would have spared no expense to have it. Lucky me I won the auction at just 99p.

I recalled this book fondly as an adventure through ancient Egypt with a humorous talking cat. Reading it as an adult, I can see the slightly darker side to this children's story. Noah is set to build his ark knowing that his neighbours will drown in the coming flood. His second son Ham is a lazy and evil man who tricks said neighbour Ruben into doing his appointed tasks for him with a promise of a place for him and his wife on the ark. But once Ruben is out of the picture, he quickly moves in on his wife.

Rubuen travels off with his companions, a camel, his dog and his cat whose natural sounds he is so familar with an able to understand that the author chose to write it as if it were in English. Their conversations are interesting to say the least.

With capture, slavery, an execution, a kind king and feuding priests, its an engaging adventure that I couldn't put down.

I give it

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