Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Years Update

First I want to say a big Happy New Year. The last year has not been great for me with several hospital stays and a broken foot. I am ready to set a match to the past year and move on.

As this is a blog centered around books and especially my books I wanted to talk about what has been happening on this front. I haven't had much in the way of releases from my publisher and I want to explain why.

In 2015 Eternal Press (as well as its mother company Damnation Books) was sold to another company by the name of Spero. The re-branded the whole as Caliburn Press and set about making some major changes that were supposed to make things better. However numerous problems arose with distributors, staffing and miss-communication. It took much pushing on my part to get The Demon's Bayou released - but it made me question whether this was what I wanted my future to consist of. Constantly having to email people to either be ignored or given very little information.

After much soul searching, I decided that it was time for me to live. I've already had some minor success with publishing myself through Kindle and Create Space, with the Cera Raine Series. It was time for me to go it alone. They still had one manuscript in their queue that I was dreading having to spend another year trying to push through processes so I asked for this manuscript back. It was given back to me and I will be producing this book myself for release in February (hopefully).

I was left with another question though, a series clause in my last few contracts for the Cassandra books however I can now confirm I have reached an agreement to be let out of this clause in order to self publish the last two books in the series myself.

So here is what I am hoping for 2017.

  • Kris - The Clockwatcher Series will hopefully be up for pre-order at the beginning of January for a February release.
  • The first book in my Mistal Cove Series I am looking to release around May time.
  • I will be working to finish the next Cassandra Book to have it released in the Summer of this year.
  • I will also be working to get the final installment in the Cera Raine series ready for a mid September release.
I appreciate all the patience my reader have had with me and all the support I have received from readers and fellow authors. I am hoping that 2017 will be a better year.

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  1. Happy New Year and best wishes with all your new releases. Hugs