Monday, 9 January 2017

Pre-Order Live

Kris Swanson calls herself a Clockwatcher. Her unusual curse to see the time that those around her have left on earth drives her to avoid the living.

When the death of a business man brings Logan Matthews into her life, with him comes a dark plot and attraction she can’t ignore.

Someone is racing reapers to the souls of the newly dead but who and why? The more Kris investigates, the more she feels that some greater purpose is about to be revealed.

After much fiddling with the content, KRIS is now available to pre-order. The paperback has also been submitted and will go live in a few weeks once its been accepted and I've seen the proof.

If you pre-order now - you can get Kris, the first book in The Clockwatcher Series for just: 


After release the price will change to what will be its regular price.

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