Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Dusty Pages Review: The Witch Thief

In the dragon’s keep…
Joarr Enge never believed in the legendary powers of the chalice and he certainly wasn’t going to let the captivating witch who’d robbed him escape. Now, after a century, Joarr has commandeered Amma’s body and blocked her magic. She will remain bound to him until he finds the chalice. Amma had risked everything to uncover the secrets of her past – even the rage of her powerful and mysterious lover. But Joarr’s passionate fire tempted her to dream of a future with him. Could their magic unite two separate worlds for the most precious thing of all…their son?

The blurb for this book give a huge chuck of the story away. Amma is pregnant and it is the driving force behind her actions and her desire not to fall for Joarr. Dragon fathers raise their sons cutting the mother out of the picture. Joarr is just a reluctant to fall for Amma but that's because Dragon's don't take mates. Permanent coupling is a big no no.

The chemistry between them is right there from the start, flirty and fiery. The love scene were good, filled with passion and of course, the after glow & regret. The author creates an interesting idea of nine worlds, each with supernatural beings (bar the human world) as the dominant populations. There is a lot of action and it doesn't take very long to read from cover to cover. Overall very enjoyable.

I give it

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