Friday, 14 April 2017

Sneak Peek

Here is a little snippet from my upcoming release

Stood with his back to her she took a good long look at him. He had a deep summer tan, wide shoulders, muscular arms and legs from working hard for a living and an ass you could bounce a quarter off.
“Can I help you?”
He turned to her and Delilah felt her mouth go dry. He was handsome on a scale she’d only seen on GQ cover models. Chiseled jaw, high cheek bones, eyes like melted pools of chocolate and a tangled snarl of dark hair that was made worse by him constantly running his hands through it. Delilah felt something low in her belly heat up. He smiled, a full row of perfectly white teeth, though she thought his canines looked a little sharper than normal. He gave her the same thorough appraisal she’d given him. There was almost something primal about his eyes as they roamed over her body.
“Sheriff West wasn’t kidding,” he said and Delilah raised any eyebrow.
“Sorry, what did Sheriff West say?”
He coughed and turned to look at the door.

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