Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Dusty Pages Review: Shadow Kiss

It's springtime at St. Vladimir's Academy and Rose is close to graduation, but since making her first Strigoi kills, things haven't felt quite right. She's having dark thoughts, behaving erratically, and worst of all . . . might be seeing ghosts.
Consumed by her forbidden love with her tutor Dimitri and protecting her best friend, the Moroi princess Lissa, Rose is in no state to see the deadly threat that will change her entire world - and make her choose between the two people she loves most.

I found that again with this, the third installment in this series, that most of the action didn't take place until the last 20% of the book. I also found that typical of teen supernatural books was that just as the two lovers finally got together and make plans about their future, something happens to tear them apart. I shouldn't really complain as this sets Rose on a journey that will more than likely be the focus of the next book - but I saw it coming a mile away.

The one character that I did end up feeling sorry for over the others was poor Adrian. It is quite clear now that his feeling for Rose are genuine and he's just not getting any of her attention. Its hardly surprising because even for me Dimitri is by far the more attractive (both physically and personality wise of the two) but Adrian is very likeable so hence the pity.

I was also glad to see Rose leaving Lissa behind a little bit - I think some time apart would be good for them, so that the characters can develop and not be quite so dependent on the other.

I give this

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