Friday, 19 May 2017

Magical Worlds

There are to my mind 3 big questions that are essential that you answer when building a fictional world with magic.

1. Is magic born or can anyone be taught it?

I put this question first because this decides what type of people inhabit your world. If magic must be born in you then you have a smaller or larger percentage of the population that can do it. If a smaller percentage can do it, it means normal people out number them, which can lead to trials, adventure and a good story. However the reverse is true, if the larger percentage of the population can do magic and your character can't, it can also lead to trials, adventure and a good story.

If anyone can become magical, then you have to imagine that it would be a course you could select at a school or college.

2. Is Magic using a secret or is it publicly known?

This affects the attitude of the people around your magic user and what kind of world they live in. If Magic is a secret, you get further questions about why is it secret and have a whole host of ideas about rules for maintaining that secrecy and punishments for breaking those rules. If its public...that leads us onto question three.

3. How are Magic users viewed?

This can be either in a public or a private setting. Public - where magic is known about by everyone thought only some use it, you have to ask yourself why is this? How do those who don't use magic view those that do? Are they considered cool or loathed?

In Private of course - a world where magic is a secret, the view here is about how magic users see each other. Is there some sort of ranking system? Is it based on power level or what family you were born into? The biggest example of this is of course Harry Potter with your Pure Bloods, Half Bloods and Muggle Borns.

I hope that by answering these three questions for yourself, you will be able to start to build a magical world of your own.

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